Maternity + Newborn Sessions

Having a baby is one of life's biggest adventures. I recently went through a pregnancy and having a baby myself, I have a new appreciation of how important it is to capture these moments. Even though at 8-9 months pregnant you feel large and uncomfortable, capturing the miracle of growing a human with your body alone is so magical. Mamas, you grew that baby!! It's still something I am in awe of every day of how cool and magical that is.

Knowing that babies are expensive, I started a maternity + newborn bundle to provide some financial relief for my clients. With the maternity + newborn bundle, we will do a 30-minute outdoor maternity session (solo or with your partner/kids) at any stage you are comfortable with taking photos. Once we get closer to your due date, we will pencil in a few dates on the calendar 2-4 weeks after your baby is born for an in-home 60-90 minute newborn and family session. I understand your baby has needs, so we can take as many breaks as we need to feed, change, or let you and your new baby rest for a bit. With the bundle, you'll save $125 vs. booking each session separately. You also have the option to book a studio for a small fee.

Interested in learning more? Let's chat and discuss how you are feeling and find the best option for you!


Tell me more about yourself and what you are looking for in your session.